Cannibal Brothers

The brothers are Silvio Henke + Stephan Haase born in the year of punk 1977. They are strongly influenced by grindcore, digital hardcore, jungle and hard drum'n'bass. After settling to Berlin they became cracked by breakcore in 2003. Three years later in 2006 they started spinning records together under the name Cannibal Brothers and (co-)organized several breakcore events like Schiffbruch, Crack Salad and Brainstorm. So far they played alongside with: Society Suckers, Christoph Fringeli, Xanopticon, Electric Kettle, Hecate, Lfo Demon, FFF, Duran Duran Duran, Istari Lasterfahrer...
In spring 2008 their first tracks saw the light of day, produced with an rubbish PC and Renoise.

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