Tomoroh Hidari
With his Background of classical music education and a love for extreme and obscure music he discovered in his teenage years, Tomoroh Hidari aka Oliver Stummer has gone electronic in the late nineties. He has produced various releases as Tomoroh Hidari and his Namelessness Is Legion, is engineer, producer and programmer for Industrial outfit Kreuzweg Ost and founding father of Dondrine Dub Developments. He has collaborated with a variety of renowned artists from all musical genres and done music to short films, theater and advertisements. Occasionally active in the media-arts, he has produced programs for ORF Kunstradio, Audio-Visual Performances with CNTRCPY and Ella Esque and the random spontaneous actionism.

Discography -

-"Todtnauberg EP" via tomoroh.com & http://www.indiestore.com/tomoroh

- "Evil Twin-Sister Groupie" on Ghos Busters III Compilation, Record Label Records, US 2007

- "13 Objects, Or A Dadaist, A Surrealist And A Group Of Random Bystanders Marvel At The Ferocious Whateverism Of The `Pataphysician.", Bruit, AUT 2007 http://bruit.at/

- "The Dreams In The Witchhouse on "Cthulhu Dildonomicon", an H.P. Lovecraft Tribute Compilation on Digital Vomit/Cock Rock Disco GER/US 2006

- "Untitled" on "Cold Crash Breakcore" White Label 12" on Mekobira, JP 2006

- "Lemniskate 9" with Hans Platzgumer on his "Lemniskate 10", Musikpark, AUT 2006

- "Untitled" on "Silhoutte", a collaborative Electro-Acoustic Piece on Entity, BE 2006 - "Jamming with Jedediah Orne" and "Sucking up Souls" on "Extracts", LEE Records, AUT 2005

- Remix "Nowhere N.Side" for E.Stonji on Sozialistischer Plattenbau, GER 2005

- "Blockwartlaunen" with Hans Platzgumer on "Heinz K. aus H.", Bodensatz, GER 2005

- "The Necrophonicon", Album on Isolate Records, US 2004

- "St.Method's Dyslexic Tchalga" on "Djebel Basma Services", Z-Dimension,

-"�That Night She Emitted A Different Silence" - Part 2 of the "Liz-Anna Trilogy" on Mahorka Records, BG 2007 http://www.archive.org/details/mhrk054

- "Resonant Mindlessness" - Part 1 of the "Liz-Anna Trilogy" on Mahorka Records, BG 2008 http://www.archive.org/details/mhrk040