Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why are there two Zharks?
A) Zhark was started spring of 96 by Hecate and Dj Kareem as an answer to the lack ofdark or experimental electronics within the techno scenes of New York and Detroit. After releasing Zhark 00002 (In the Bush) they parted ways, Hecate lending the name and old logo of Zhark to Kareem as a way to spread the Zhark virus in as many ways as possible. At first Zhark International was releasing under the name Zhark London. Now there are two divisions of Zhark - Zhark International and Zhark Berlin. Although they are two seperate entities, they still continue the original spirit of releasing harsh and abrasive takes on the myriad of dancefloor rhythms out there. Obviously Zhark International went towards more broken and caustic beats and tortured ambience, whilst the other keep churning out more 4/4 kick drum attacks.

Q) Where is Zhark International based?
A) Wherever Hecate is. At the present time in Berlin, Germany.

Q) We want to distribute Zhark Int. in our area! How should we go about this?
A) Please email christoph@zhark.org about promoting and distributing records in your town.... We are basically a DIY label who support those doing the same wherever they are! Get active and helpspread the Zhark madness to your community, we'll throw in some bonus extras for you!

Q) Do you accept demos?
A)  We are always interested in finding out about new artists and acts but due to the backload of releases we will only release vinyl editions of our current artists.  If you are seriously making sounds and environments in the same vein of the music presented here, feel free to send us an email for possible release on a future compilation.

Q) What happened to the free mp3s?
A) We have been offering all of our releases on mp3 format for free since the beginning. We have now decided to switch everything over to offer you the highest quality Mp3s available. Ithinkmusic was the best option for us at this time, since Hecate had prior problems with other forms of digital distribution. We will be featuring free download comps from time to time which will serve as a showcase to artists we do not not have the resources to invest in
insofar as physical releases go. Check the compilations out and if you really like one of the new artists you can always send us a mail telling us that they should appear on vinyl!!

Q) I am a journalist/radio programmer and need promos....?
A) Write us a email and we will get some out to you....Zhark Int. is not a label based on hype or press clips. We build our reputation on our work and not on what the press want to hear - we will send out promos, but we ask for <italic>at least</italic> one copy of your mag/zine to be sent to us if there is a review of the record there.

Q) What happened to the Homewrecker Foundation infos?
A) The HWF has been laid to rest, after years of trying to promote/encourage women to make their own tunes. As they say.... "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink......." We still support women who take the time to get into the craft of producing music, however continuing the experiment of running the first and only all female electronic label is now unnecessary due to the lack of energy on most grrrls parts. If you need any of the texts for your own research, email us and we will be happy to provide those for you.

Q) When is Hecate's new LP coming out?
A) In the midsts of touring non stop for the past 2 years, she has somehow gotten it together to compile new works from the past year into a self titled LP which will appear in 2010. Stay tuned for more infos....!!  Hecate will also be rereleasing Brew Hideous with a new booklet, Remixes, and the video soon.

Q) I think I was a ( Witch/ Bathory/ Marquis De Sade ) in another life and was born under a cursed sign etc.,what should i do?
A) Hecate will not reply to any of these mails. If you have serious problems within the esoteric arts or occultism, please DO NOT direct these problems to her. Best bet is to try an online occult resource, not an independent record label!

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Hecate DJ Mix
Hecate DJ-Mix 2010-12-18 | In honor of Ben from Melanchoholics R-I-P

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Hecate - "Magiste Lykania - Live at LINZ09"
This is the first evening of Hecate opening up the Circus at Linz09. Performed August 21st - all vocals live over the soundtrack she produced for this performance.